Love Planet – Sci-Fi Trance from VJ Aurel

Love Planet1While basking in the pale blue glow of the LED screen, scanning the internet to bring only the best content to you, the most awesome OpHuMod reader, I simply entered the word “space” into the search engine of a video site.

Amongst footage of stars, the ISS and solar flares, I discovered the mesmerizing efforts of VJ Aurel.

Please find below two vids of some amazing trance music, set to footage culled from dozens of science fiction films from the past several decades.

To use VJ Aurel’s own words:

The visual material interweaves with memories in a series of layers, the diffraction of the images gradually releasing the memories. A fusion of photos, movie clips and graphic beats put various dreams into motion.

Serious commentary aside, and as a die-hard sci-fi fan, it was fun just trying to identify the sources of all the imagery used. I was able to pick out Star Trek, Firefly, Resident Evil, Dune, Riddick, Barbarella and Flash Gordon. Will definitely be viewing a few more times to see what I missed.

Go full screen. Turn it up. Enjoy!

Aside from the Vimeo link above, VJ Aurel can also be found on the Trancinetik Collective.

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  1. I assume that you intend on reporting information to people that is accurate and informative; with that said.

    This VDJ has not created mash-up video. To describe it as a mash-up is like describing punk rock as if it was disco.

    VDJ’s are just as proud and committed to making their content as Mash-up artists; we love each others work. But neither of us would want someone to be confused with the other. They are fundamentally different approaches to content creation that share common elements. They each fill a much beloved niche of audio visual awesomeness with our fans and new audiences around the world.

    Thank you for reporting on this VDJ’s work, he is very good.

    Just like we need our fans to like our music, we also need people to tell people that we exist. We can’t do everything by ourselves.🙂

    (Note from Sumner: A video was originally added to this comment and it was awesome, but it went beyond the PG-13 levels that we maintain on this page.)

    • Thanks for your input and diplomatic skills Mr. O’Neill.

      First off, just to ensure we’re clear, the mash-up video you included above was most excellent, but OpHuMod keeps things at PG-13 or less. There was no malice involved in its removal.

      Second, was in communication with the creator of the videos listed above. He had no problems with the word “mash-up” being used.

      Third, you’re a craftsman, so are used to the finer specifications of your realm. However, to an average person, if a video has clips from multiple sources, then the term “mash-up” has meaning. It’s akin to using the word “philosophy” rather than getting specific between terms like “existentialist” or “nihilist.”

      And finally, now my fascination is piqued. If you wouldn’t refer to the videos above as “mash-ups”, what specific term would you use? Is there a professional term differentiating between videos done by VDJs and literal “mash-up” artists?

      In any case, I did change the wording in the original article. For, after all, details are important.

      Again, thanks for your input. Truly appreciated.

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