Visual Bliss from Murat Sayginer (Video)

Zodiac-Evolution02 1I do not subscribe to the paradigm of astrology, but it still lends itself to amazing use of imagery, as found in this video.

Entitled Zodiac – Evolution, it is the essence of what we refer to on OpHuMod as “visual bliss.”

It was created by the exceptionally gifted Murat Sayginer and is guaranteed to stimulate one’s neural pleasure centers, particularly those in any way related to the aural or ocular.

As always, full screen/HD with high-end headphones is highly recommended.


Editor’s Note: This video does contain imagery of the naked human form, all rendered in CGI. I wouldn’t label it NSFW, but some might consider it so if their world view is exceptionally puritanical. Please remember: there is nothing impure about the body. Purity and impurity depend on one’s own mind.

If you’d like to contact or see more art from Murat Sayginer, visit the official website here or check out the artist on Facebook, Twitter and SoundCloud.

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Stephen Sumner is Executive Editor and Founder of OpHuMod. He can be followed on Twitter at Sumner@OpHuMod and on the Tumblr machine at OptimalHumanModulation. If you’re more inclined to Facebook, check out the OpHuMod FB Page.



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