An Evil Giant Lobster, Power Rangers and Science!

Secondary EducationStudents in the United States rank 23rd globally regarding science. With that fact in mind, if I were the U.S. Secretary of Education, I would quickly hire New York City-based filmmaker John Truei and ensure that an entire series based upon his short-film Secondary Education was shown in schools throughout the nation.

Fast-paced, funny and chock full of science, it was a true joy watching these students and their teacher take on an evil anthropomorphic lobster, all the while learning about chemistry and electrical conductivity.

Even if you’re not looking to take in some knowledge regarding water molecules and covalent bonds, then dialogue infused with such dry humor as this will still bring some laughter to your day:

“The superintendent called. Asked if we could have a lock-down. A test lock-down. So, don’t be alarmed if you see the lights go out or you hear some terror-filled screams. You know. Standard drill.”

I’ll never look at distilled water the same way again!

For full credits of Secondary Education, please click here.

Stephen Sumner is Executive Editor and Founder of OpHuMod. He can be followed on Twitter at Sumner@OpHuMod and on the Tumblr machine at OptimalHumanModulation. If you’re more inclined to Facebook, check out the OpHuMod FB Page.


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